Demon Slayer Final Selection Season 1 Episode 4

Demon Slayer | Final Selection | Season 1, Episode 4

Preparing for Final Selection

Tanjiro prepares for the Final Selection, a test that every demon slayer must pass in order to become a full-fledged member of the corps. He visits Sakonji Urokodaki, his master, to receive his final training and guidance.

The Final Selection Begins

Tanjiro arrives at the testing site, a forest filled with demons, along with other aspiring demon slayers. The test begins, and the participants are tasked with surviving seven days in the forest while facing off against dangerous demons.

Encountering Demons

Tanjiro faces off against multiple demons during his time in the forest, using his skills and training to defend himself and stay alive. He also meets other demon slayers who are struggling to survive.

Meeting Sabito and Makomo

Tanjiro is guided by the spirits of Sabito and Makomo, former students of Urokodaki who died during their own Final Selection. They teach Tanjiro new techniques and offer him guidance to help him succeed.

Overcoming Obstacles

Tanjiro faces many obstacles during the Final Selection, including battling a demon that can manipulate the environment around it. He uses his quick thinking and resourcefulness to overcome these challenges.

The Final Battle

On the final day of the test, Tanjiro faces off against a powerful demon named Kyogai. Using all of his training and skills, Tanjiro is able to defeat Kyogai and pass the selection.

Becoming a Demon Slayer | Final Selection

After passing the test, Tanjiro is officially welcomed into the Demon Slayer Corps as a full-fledged member. He is given a new sword and uniform and sets off on his journey to become a powerful demon slayer, determined to protect others from the demons that threaten their lives.

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