Sabito and Makomo

Sabito and Makomo | Demon Slayer Season 1 Episode 3

Sabito and Makomo

In Demon Slayer Season 1 Episode 3, titled “Sabito and Makomo,” Tanjiro begins his intense training to become a demon slayer.


He and fellow trainee, Zenitsu, arrive at their training location, Mount Sagiri. There, they meet their strict and tough instructor, Sakonji Urokodaki.

Sakonji warns the two trainees that only one in ten will survive the training and become a demon slayer.

The Task

He then assigns them a grueling task: cut a boulder with a katana. Tanjiro and Zenitsu begin the task, but struggle immensely.

As the days pass, Tanjiro becomes increasingly frustrated with his lack of progress. However, he remembers his promise to his sister, Nezuko, and is determined to succeed.

One night, while Tanjiro is sleeping, he is visited in a dream by Sabito and Makomo, two former students of Sakonji’s who died while training.

Sabito vs Tanjiro

Sabito challenges Tanjiro to a fight, and Tanjiro accepts. However, Tanjiro is easily defeated by Sabito, who tells him to give up on his dream of becoming a demon slayer.

Tanjiro wakes up from the dream, feeling defeated and hopeless. However, Sakonji encourages him and tells him that the dream was a test of his resolve.

Sakonji then reveals that Sabito and Makomo were his former students who he had trained to become demon slayers. He explains that Sabito’s swordsmanship was unmatched and that Makomo had a keen sense of smell, which was useful in tracking demons.

Sakonji tells Tanjiro that he needs to develop his own unique skills and techniques in order to succeed as a demon slayer.

The episode ends with Tanjiro continuing his training, determined to develop his own style and become a strong demon slayer.

Conclusion – Sabito and Makomo

Overall, Demon Slayer Season 1 Episode 3 showcases the intense and gruelling training that demon slayers must undergo in order to become strong enough to fight demons. It also emphasizes the importance of determination and individuality in achieving success.

Author: animemanga