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I Want to See Them! Luffy’s Tearful Scream | Luffy Cry

Have you see Luffy Cry? Luffy crying is a rare sight, but when it happens, it’s an emotional moment that fans of One Piece won’t forget. Let’s take a look at some of the episodes where Luffy cried and why.

In season 3, episode 36 | Luffy Cry

Luffy cried when he learned that his friend, Chopper, was bullied by his own kind for being different. This moment shows Luffy’s kind and protective side towards his crew.

In season 7, episode 152

Luffy cried when he couldn’t save his brother, Ace, from being executed. This was a heartbreaking moment for fans and showed Luffy’s strong bond with his crew and his determination to protect them at all costs.

In season 8, episode 489

Luffy cried when he saw his brother, Sabo, alive and well. Luffy believed Sabo was dead and seeing him again after all these years brought tears to his eyes.

In season 9, episode 877 | Luffy Cry

Luffy cried when he saw his crew beaten and bloody after fighting against Big Mom’s army. This moment shows Luffy’s love and care for his friends and how he will do anything to protect them.

Luffy is known for being a carefree and laid-back character, but when he gets emotional, it’s a powerful moment. These moments show the depth of Luffy’s character and how much he cares for his crew.

It’s not just Luffy crying that makes these moments emotional, but the music and the storytelling in the episodes as well. The music adds to the tension and the emotions of the scene, making it even more powerful.

One of the reasons Luffy cry is so impactful is that it’s not something that happens often. When Luffy cries, it’s a moment that fans will remember for a long time.

In conclusion, seeing Luffy cry is a powerful and emotional moment in One Piece. These moments show the depth of Luffy’s character and how much he cares for his crew. Fans of One Piece will always remember these moments and the impact they had on the story.

Author: animemanga